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How 9mobile Night And Weekend Plan Works

9mobile night and weekend plan offers you great value for your money. It works from 7 PM to 7 AM on weekdays and 24hrs on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). This internet data plan forces you to abandon any online activity during the day. It comes with 100MB Whatsapp bonus only usable in the above allocated time frame.

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9mobile night and weekend plan offers you a whopping 5GB. As they advertised, it works from 7 PM to 7 AM every day. Also, it comes with a 24/7 Whatsapp service. This is suitable for people who would want no distractions from the internet during the day. It makes you focus on some other activities free from online addictions or distractions. Before you go ahead and subscribe to this plan, it will be better if you take your time and read this article.

Yes, 9mobile night and weekend plan gives you 5GB internet data volume and a meager 100MB Whatsapp bonus. You should know that Whatsapp does NOT work for 24hrs as they say.

After subscribing to this plan, it didn’t come with any extra data bonus. It is just the 5GB data cap. But this is not the issue; Whatsapp never worked for 24hrs. Sadly, it works from 7 PM to 7 AM with other services. This was never good, and the customer care agents whom I called (even visited their physical outlets), couldn’t resolve the issue.

This data plan only works from 7 PM to 7 AM including all services. You don’t have access to any internet services until 7 PM, including your WhatsApp. This plan is exclusively for Night browsing. Except during Saturdays and Sundays when the plan works for 24hrs.

In summary, this data plan works from 7 PM to 7 AM. Nothing works outside this. You should also take note that Whatsapp services will be charged from your 100MB allocated to it. No matter when you use this plan. 9Mobile has other internet data plans you would consider if this does not suit you.

Advantages of 9mobile Night And Weekend Plan

1. This plan offers a whopping 5GB and it has fast internet network access. The browsing speed is commendable.

2. Suitable for a class of people who would not like distractions from any social media or online outfit. If you are addicted to social media or any online addiction, try this plan and you will be productive during the day. It works!

3. It makes you plan your internet activities. You have to wait until it is 7 PM to use this plan. This can help you plan out websites to visit, automatically limiting you to important websites and lessening your addiction to the internet.

4. If you have a regular job, this is the best plan for you. 9mobile weekend and night plan will force you to focus on your work activities during the day without bothering on any online bullshit.

5. Importantly, if you wish to disappear online, start using this plan until you withdraw permanently. You can start deleting your online data with the little time frame you have. Your interest in all online activities will continue to decrease until you lose interest permanently. Then, you can start deleting your data from any website that have your information.

Disadvantages of 9mobile Night And Weekend Plan

1. It disrupts your online business. Limited access to Whatsapp during the day can make you lose customers if you make use of this communication service. But there is a solution to this. Read on and find out.

2. It doesn’t work 24/7 during the weekend. There is always disruption in service. But from 7 PM to 7 AM, it goes without any disruption.

3. You must use a VPN to access all websites during weekends. Else, you have yourself to blame. Using a VPN will make you use this plan for 24/7 during weekends ONLY.

4. All your Whatsapp services are charged from the 100MB bonus regardless of the time you use your Whatsapp. Let’s say you sent files more than 100MB regardless of time (even at 10 PM), your bonus will be deducted. This means that you have finished your Whatsapp bonus. Very poor structured internet network data plan.

Solution To Using This Plan For Business

Simply get another SIM card and subscribe to Whatsapp social bundle. This will keep your Whatsapp running all day and you can keep communication alive. Or try Airtel internet data plans for their 4G speed.


Dial *229*3*13#. This 5GB internet data plan is valid for 30 days. The price is N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira, only).

Dial *229*3*12# for 2GB 9mobile night and weekend data plan. Also valid for 30 days. The price is N1,000 (One Thousand naira, only).

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