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Bankable and Evergreen Niche Blogging Business

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First, ask yourself these two simple questions – “what do I want in life?” “what do people want in their lives?” The answers you write out will get you going in selecting a bankable and profitable niche blogging for your business. Mind you, most people almost want the same thing in life. One of the aims of blogging is to help people solve their basic problems through writing and in turn, earn a decent amount from teaching them the answers to their needs. Blogging is not free and a serious blogger must be willing to educate his/her readers on specific categories. This is known as Niche blogging.  

Niche blogging is the ability of a blogger to specialize in an area of profitable interest. Any specific area you choose will depend on how good you can give authoritative information that interests your readers. Knowing this, it will be great if a blogger finds a profitable niche. 

Bankable Niches for an Internet Entrepreneur

A quick answer to the first question asked will give the following list:

  • I want to Live – Health
  • I want to be independent and rich – Making Money
  • I want an amazing lifestyle – Entertainment
  • I want people to respect and adore me – Relationship
  • I want people to listen to me – Motivation
  • I want to impress and keep up with the trend – Politics / Technology
  • I want to look amazing and impress people – Fashion
  • I want to teach – Education

Your list may be different from the ones above. Majority of the adult population will go by the list above. We can now go into details on how one can expand these niches for profits.


To be alive and healthy should be one’s top priority on earth. Being alive brings hope, focus and active participation in this journey called life. Pharmacy stores rake in billions of dollars in profits because everybody wants to live at all cost. Sub-niches and topics that can expand this can include – Weight loss; Building great body shapes; First aid treatments; Dietary values; Nutrition; Herbal drugs; Fertility; Yoga; Meditation, etc.

We can see the diverse topics that can relate to this top niche. An internet entrepreneur will always find profitable ideas and tools for this niche. The health niche is so diverse, one can choose a sub-niche on one of the topics and make massive gains. It is worth noting that resources are readily available for posts, discussion on the health-related issues.


Without money, a person will be left dead (psychologically and physically). Money is what we use to buy almost everything and influence some transactions. Money is a powerful tool and it can be scarce. It is also hard to get. If an internet entrepreneur can show people how to make quick and easier money, he/she will smile to the bank. This is an evergreen and a bankable niche for bloggers, internet business platforms, and people who wish to make money from an internet business. Sub-niches or topics can include – Blogging; Affiliate marketing; High Yield Investment Programs; Betting; Jobs platform; Online and offline marketing; Business promotions, etc. Discussing money issues is an evergreen niche. It is also vast and a sub-niche can fetch you over 300 articles. Mostly, how to make quick cash money online will always top the list.


Humans don’t actually mind their business. It is well known that most of our talks (80%) are about other people. This is why entertainment channels rake in so much money after pharmaceutical industries. Everybody likes music and movies. We talk about celebrities, footballers, athletes, etc; their lifestyles, net worth, etc. The entertainment niche comprises everything that humans do to feel good about themselves, and this is a very lucrative niche blogging that anyone can invest on. It is of a worthy mention that gossips in the entertainment sub-niche sell more than other entertainment sub-niches. So, if you are looking for a quick niche to lay your hands on, the gossip sub-niche of the entertainment niche can get you started off quickly. Sources of articles can come from Instagram, Facebook, other blogs and personal experiences.


When you have gotten the necessary self-esteem, what next? You start investing in people for different purposes. Everybody wants to have an amazing relationship with their parents, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Relationship entails sex life, dating advice, connections, family interactions, even relationships with animals. Therefore, blogs that answer questions on relationship issues will attract free traffic over time. This traffic would be converted into money-making ventures for the blog owner.


From my experience, most people get through depression before becoming successful in life. Any form of encouraging people online through words, stories, memes, pictures, etc. can get an entrepreneur far in the internet business. Self-help seminars are raking in millions; books are selling. Venturing into this business requires an entrepreneur to update people on books and seminars that would improve their lives. Be positive. Live your life like a boss. Ignore haters. You are destined for greatness. Anyhow the lines sound will get you started. This business may not require a blog, you can start off on Instagram, Facebook page, other social media platform that you can post for free.


Most hardcover magazines talk on politics, entertainment and technology. Politics is a transient niche. It changes and it is an everyday topic. Unlike other niches, political contents must be updated every day and it must be authentic. Politics includes details on political figures, their ideologies, elections, daily happenings in our communities, etc. If you are clueless on political topics, then try and subscribe for national dailies for one week. It will give you ideas on topics. Politics pay much and can be stressful. You may need to hire journalists across your country to give authentic updates. Almost every adult is interested in the political affairs of their country.


This niche is vast that it stands on its own entirely. Technology entails the latest gadgets, trending devices, security breaches, programming tools, etc. The topics are vast that blogging on the tech industry is an evergreen one. Tech blogs talk on mobile devices, internet tools and devices, hacking tools, computers, smart devices and a whole lots of other areas.

How Can I Profit from Niche Blogging?

Glad you asked. Establishing yourself as an authority in a chosen field will make your readers trust you the more. Trust will make them part away with a certain amount of money to support your business in some ways. Making money from blogging can include:

  • Placing advertisements on your website (All niches)
  • Affiliate marketing (All niches except Politics and Education)
  • Offering personalized services like a shop page on your website.
  • Selling books and devices that you have talked about.
  • Monetizing some of your blog posts – paid to access some posts.
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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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