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How to Stop Losing Real Money on Football Betting

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Losing real money on football bets is very painful. The experience that comes with losing your hard-earned money to bookmarkers is never a sweet one. Bookmarkers rake in so many profits in billions of dollars from football betting alone. This indicates that more than 70% of bettors lose their money. It is important to note that the essence of this post is to play football betting without real cash. This is to avoid losing real money while seeking betting adventures.

Football betting may look like a bad way of investing your money. Unlike trading cryptocurrencies and stocks, you lose your money when the outcome does not go in your favour. It takes skill, sometimes lucks to predict football games and other sports betting. This calls for a way to reduce how you lose your hard-earned money. In order to achieve this, it is advisable to use Apps that offer virtual currencies and real football features. It is like betting on a platform without real cash, yet, it seems very real. The Apps to use are BETUP and BetMines Betting Predictions. They offer different interfaces and features.


This platform provides Sports and eSports betting game with real live odds from 1xBet. It gives the user a platform to bet on all different sports without losing a dime.


  • Betting on all different types of sports is available on BETUP.
  • Live betting is available on this platform.
  • You can track your performances on wins and loses right on the App. BETUP offers a simple interface to see your wins and loses in order by date played.
  • Ability to copy bets from other succesful bettors on the App. This you can follow a bettor and test run on his/her proficiency. Then copy their bets and strategies with ease.
  • BETUP provides virtual coins (Betcoins) that you use to play real live betting odds. This is the basis of not losing real money on betting again.
  • Offers over 25 real sports and thousands of leagues that one can choose from and place bets on. This is amazing.
  • There are different kinds of bets that you can place on (singles bet, accumulators, etc).
  • Offers live scores, statistics, and match analysis. There is also a social tab, you can comment and find friends on the App.
  • There is a live Casino bets available on BETUP.
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  • Winings will not give you real money. Losing will not deplete the money in your bank account.
  • There is a shop tab that you use to purchase Tickets and Betcoins. This cost real money. Although, the freebies can get you very far.
  • Comes with intrusive ads. There is no option to remove ads from the App.

BetMines Betting Predictions App

This App provides whole lots of different Artificial Intelligence (AI) prediction tools. With BetMines App, you can bet on football games with virtual money (Diamonds). This limits you from losing your hard earned money. In addition, you have a betting prediction machine and tools on your phone.


  • Betmines offer betting tips, daily sure bets, tipsters predictions, team statistics, and livescore.
  • Available on App and on the web for easier access.
  • Ability to copy bets from other succesful punters. BetMines is one of the best football prediction and football tips app.
  • Offers wide range of tools for statistical analysis and great tools for one to analyze football games. This is a great platform for punters.
  • Comes with ads; users can pay a token to stop seeing adverts. BetMines is totally free with ads.
  • Shows detailed profit and loss margins. You can see whether your strategy is making you profits or losses. I use BetMines to test out various strategies and check out tipsters offering free and paid bets.
  • There are so much fun activities to do on BetMines platform. Enjoy!


  • Only football games are available on this app.
  • Winings will not give you real money. Losing will not deplete the money in your bank account.

Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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