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Blocking Installed Applications Using Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall helps block installed software on your computer from gaining access to the Internet and prevents data over usage from some applications. This is needed when you want to block any application on your Windows PC from accessing the internet.

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Windows Firewall helps block installed software on your computer from gaining access to the Internet. This prevents getting malware from online. It also prevents programs with sensitive information from accessing the Internet at any time. Therefore, securing sensitive data. Configuring windows firewall in the right way will block application access to the internet.

Is This Necessary?

Aside from normal browsing applications, some apps update itself automatically. This can lead to a change in the functionality of the application. It is best to block it until a stable version release is out. Also, this trick is useful when having limited data services. It saves you a good amount of data.

This integrated service gives you the unlimited benefit of blocking programs without third-party applications. Windows firewall integration is secure and trustworthy. The following steps teach how you can effectively block a known application from the internet.

Step 1

Click the Windows start and enter “firewall” in the search field. Select “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security option”. Or Navigate through Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Advanced settings.

windows firewall 3


Step 2

In the far left navigation pane, click the “Outbound Rules” link. This displays all the existing outbound firewall rules in the middle pane. Don’t be surprised that it is already populated with dozens and dozens of Windows-generated entries.

windows firewall 2


Step 3

In the far right pane, click “New Rule…” to create a new rule for outbound traffic.

windows firewall 4


Step 4

In the “New Outbound Rule Wizard,” confirm that the “Program” option is selected, and then click the “Next” button.

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windows firewall 5


Step 5

On the next screen, select the “This program path” option, and then type (or Browse for) the path to the program you want to block. The picture below shows the path to the Internet Explorer browser.

Windows firewall N

You may wish to change the variable:

%ProgramFiles% (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

They are exactly the same thing. You can copy the second option from your windows navigation box and paste directly to the Path on the Windows firewall path.

Note: The “%ProgramFiles% (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” is the application path.

It is good to know that for most applications, the main EXE file is the one to block, but there are examples of applications where things are a bit counter-intuitive. Some applications have separate up-daters or .EXE solely meant for connectivity. Although, they are few applications configured that way.

Step 6

Confirm the application path, and click the “Next” button. On the “Action” screen of the wizard, select the “Block the connection” option, and then click “Next.”

windows firewall 7


Step 7

On the “Profile” screen, you’re asked to select when the rule applies. Here, you have three options:
•Domain: The rule applies when a computer connects to a corporate domain.
•Private: The rule applies when a computer connects to a private network, such as your home or small business network.
•Public: The rule applies when a computer connects to a public network, such as at a coffee shop or hotel.

Leave the three options checked for most output. Click “Next”.

windows firewall 8


Step 8

The last step is to name your rule. Give it a clear name you’ll recognize later on.  If you want, you can add a descriptive note. Click the “Finish” button to complete

windows firewall 9


You’ll now have an entry at the top of the “Outbound Rules” list for your new rule. If you want to tweak and refine the rule you can double-click on the entry and make adjustments—like adding local exceptions (e.g. the application can’t access the Internet but it can connect to another PC on your network so you can use a network resource or the like).

Windows Firewall 10

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