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How To Boot Windows PC System From USB Drive or CD/DVD Drive

Booting your PC system from another source is useful for people who are willing to run installation Windows OS directly from an external drive.

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Boot your system or Booting Windows from another source other than the main hard disk is useful on some occasions. This is useful for people who are willing to run an installation of Windows OS directly from an external drive. You can use this method to format and partition your primary hard drive. This makes it possible to have two Operating Systems running on one device. Like an Ubuntu OS and a Windows 10 on one PC. Test-driving other Operating Systems becomes simpler without messing up with your original copy of Windows. You can boot Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 from USB sticks, or DVD drives without any issues.

Steps On How To Boot Windows PC From USB, CD/DVD Drive

1. Insert the media in the available port. Insert your stick to USB ports, or CD/DVD disk to the CD/DVD ROM. This is the first thing you must do before shutting down your computer.

2. Shut-down your computer completely, if it is running. Restarting is not an option. You must switch off your computer for some seconds.

3. Switch on your computer and press ‘esc‘ key on your keyboard. Press the Power button on your computer, once it comes, Hit the ‘Esc’ Key on your keyboard. (Press the esc Key couple of times). Your computer will bring out a list of Navigation options. These options have their corresponding descriptions.

4. Press F9 Key on the keyboard. This takes you directly to the Boot menu options.

5. Use your arrow keys on the keyboard to select the available media, which you must have inserted. The boot options take its configurations from the BIOS setup. This is where you customize the hierarchy of the boot menu.

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6. Press Any key on the keyboard to continue the process. This completes the whole Boot from the external drive process. Your Personal Computer will start up from the inserted drive.

Advantages of Booting Windows From External Drives

  • To run more than one Operating systems on one computer. You can have more than one operating systems on your computer. You decide which one to use at any time. Dual boot is very useful.
  • To test Features on available updates without having to upgrade or downgrade your current Operating system. Very handy when you want to see added features on new releases. Does Microsft release a new Windows OS? You are sure to try out the Demos versions without losing your files or installed windows.
  • Operating System disks have the option of partitioning your drive without having to complete logging to the user area. This is a very fast and swift method of partitioning hard drives on the Windows computer. Very simple and quickly without accessing the login screen.
  • Format a Hard drive. As the above says, you can also format partitions using Boot Windows from the external drive method.
  • Install a new OS on a free DOS or Minicomputer system. Be assured that you are covered with mini versions of PCs and buying cheaper computers without any operating system, will not be an issue.
  • You may not need to create Restore points to avoid losing your files.
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