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How To Cool Down Your Overheating Laptop CPU

Cooling down your overheating laptop CPU will reduce its temperature. This will make you enjoy your laptop while playing games, working online with it, and ensures your laptop stays for many years without issues. You can cool down your laptop CPU by tweaking the power management from battery settings.

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Cooling down your overheating laptop CPU will solve your laptop’s temperature problems without any software. If you click on Task Manager >> Performance tab, you will see a chart of how your CPU is running. This chart shows you the activities of your computer’s CPU. The lower the chart is the better and smoother your computer is running.

Overheating Laptop CPU

To see this information,

  • Right-click on your start button (Windows icon). Select Tak Manager. OR
  • Right-click on the taskbar. (taskbar is the row below your screen that you see various applications icons that are active or their shortcuts.) Select Task Manager, and you can see the various tabs you can navigate to.

Another way to see clearly the application(s) that is consuming your laptop CPU is to click on the CPU column of the Process tab in Task Manager. This second method shows you the culprit that is trying to slow down the CPU. Most times, experts advise us to buy or download optimizing software. But I am going to show you a way to optimize your CPU free of charge. This method saves you money and stress.

Overheating laptop CPU Tab

The more your CPU resources are used, the more your computer heats up. Before I didn’t know of this, my former laptop trips off once the CPU hits 100%. And importantly, this high usage heats up your laptop and affects your RAM so bad that it will not last.

A heating laptop triggers up the fan and noise. This happens when you may be running a high-definition game or software; or nothing. And your laptop’s fan is blowing at a high-speed. The noise that emanates from this is also annoying. Before, I will think the whole laptop will burn if the fan fails to blow. So, you must cool down your overheating laptop CPU to get your laptop to last longer and avoid noise from your laptop.

How To Cool Down Your Overheating Laptop CPU

You must first understand how power management works. Tweaking the Power management of your computer will cool down your overheating laptop CPU and makes everything work better. This is a harmless setting. You stand to lose nothing.

Step 1. Right-click on the battery icon at the right-hand side bottom of your computer. Click on Power Options. A new window will open. It doesn’t matter the plan you that is active on your laptop.

Step 2. Click Change plan settings at the right.

Step 3. Click on Change advanced power settings below. A new window will open.

Step 4. Scroll down to Processor power management.

Step 5. Open Minimum processor state and change to a value of 75-80%. This will make your laptop CPU not to run at 100% and make an oven on your table.

Step 6. Open Maximum processor state and change to a value of 85-88%.

Step 7. Click Ok. Click Apply to save your settings.

Changing the values below 100% will not decrease performance. I don’t advise you to change them to any number below 80%. At 80%, your computer will run fine and will not heat up again.

This will save you a lot of temperature problems.

Cool Down Your Overheating Laptop CPU


Advantages Of This Method:

  • You don’t need to download or buy any software for this. This automatically saves you money and space on your Hard disk.
  • It is very simple and easy to do. Even if you are a tech novice. Try it out and tell me about your result.
  • Read our Laptop Buying Guide.
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