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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts On Android Phones

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Gmail shortcuts are used on Android phones that support OTG. This is a sequel to using Gmail keyboard shortcuts on computers. Read it Here.

Note: You must have an external keyboard plugged into your Android device for this to work. Your Android device must support OnTheGo (OTG) to mount external keyboard on your phone. iPhones and the iPad do not support Gmail Keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts And Their Functions:

Ctrl + N – Compose a new email.
Ctrl + D – Archive an email.
Ctrl + Enter – Send an email.
Ctrl + S – Save a draft.
Ctrl + U – Refresh your inbox.
Right Arrow – Open selected conversation.
Enter – Expand or collapse an email in a conversation.
Ctrl + X – Cut text or word.
Ctrl + C – Copy text or word.
Ctrl + V   – Paste text or word.
Ctrl + A   – Select all texts.
Ctrl + M   – Open the side menu.
Ctrl + ,   – Open settings.
Ctrl + ?   – Open Help & Feedback.
Ctrl + R   – Reply all recipients.
Ctrl + I   – Mark message as Read or Unread.
Ctrl + P   – Print mail.

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