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God is Universal

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It was donation time and I was seated thinking of how broke I have become. Right then, the local government Chairman, standing very tall and walking very confidently, approached the Priest. He donated One Million Naira (N1,000,000) for the construction of the new Altar. Amazingly, the Priest read a verse in the old testament: “I will open the windows of heaven for you.” And that is it! The politician will reap good fortunes from the Priest’s prayers and blessings. Many church projects are funded by politicians.

The vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a senior pastor in the Redeemed Christian church of God. He is a politician and he has a Muslim godfather who makes things happen. In Nigeria, all politicians are cunning and play a lot of tricks to garner support from the masses. Most people in the country believe that politicians are corrupt. Even the court of Justice is sometimes partial in delivering their judgements. And even at this, Nigeria is one of the countries with many worship centres and 95% claim to be religious. God still blesses them abundantly regardless of their tribe and religious outfit.

In Nigeria, there are more than one hundred different Christian denominations. So many churches are springing out from nowhere. It is worth noting that many cathedrals and big churches litter the streets in this country. The biggest church auditorium is in Nigeria, yet many people are complaining of hardship and insecurity. The suffering in this country continues to increase, while love for ourselves diminishes to oblivion. What a big shame! And a reverend Father who because of monetary donations changed his criticisms to a prayer of favors. Criticize them yesterday, laud them with praises for their donations and pray for them when they are present. God is universal!

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I have three female friends, Chinasa, Chisom and Ada. All of them are Godfearing Christians and are students. They testify the goodness of the Lord in their lives. This is great news. Chinasa believes in the chastity of the flesh and believes in a no sex relationship. She neither puts on trousers nor goes to the club or parties. Chisom on the other hand hardly goes to church. She likes to be liberal and she puts on trousers. She believes in other things… Ada worships at Christ Embassy. She speaks in tongues and she moves out with men. On Sundays, Ada goes to church in a very short gown and on high heels. A look at her will intrigue your mind wanting to know which party she is attending at that hour. They are all good girls with responsible parents and they testify the goodness of the Lord. Is God not universal? He is for everybody, yet we don’t love one another.

While in secondary school, the school heads condemned women who put on trousers. They believe that all women who wear trouser will burn in hellfire. One fateful day, we welcomed a group of white men and women into our school. Interestingly, these women were in trousers and they were welcomed like queens into the school. In their good excuses, the school insisted that the women are right because it is in their culture to wear trousers. What a foolish defence. The bible quote didn’t make exceptions for culture. It states for no woman to put on men clothing, simple. Watch modern churches and see their women preach and praise God in their trousers. They sing and dance and give testimonies like they are the only special people in the church, God is universal! Shout out to Women of Faith, Hillsong, Planetshakers, etc. Planetshakers recently performed on House on the Rock festival in Nigeria, and their women sang wearing trousers.

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The Law court has been convicting many pastors of fraud and inappropriate sexual behaviors. They are humans we know, but they have more grace I say. Not only pastors, but some Priests are also guilty of similar offenses. A popular pastor supported masturbation and later went ahead to divorce his wife, yet he still preaches. A popular pastor did not honor a court order, yet we still go to his church. A senior pastor is currently married to a Muslim politician and yet heavens have not cried. Indeed, God is universal.

I am a sinner, we know this. Heaven has not, cannot, and will not fall for all these things. God is universal. Many of these pastors are living luxurious and wonderful lives – the dreams of most of us. These pastors have private jets and live large. Their investments can sustain a whole state in the country. They are stupendously rich. Some have estates, schools, power plants, etc. While most of their worshippers go on ranting on how Nigeria is getting worse. What a mixture of faith. God is universal!

People continue to twist the Bible in a way to confuse and confiscate your emotions for their selfish interest. Women are now pastors of some churches and give sermons contrary to what the New Testament says. What a way to be misled. There is God, I believe in God. And God is universal. Be wary of what you believe in.

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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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