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Good Crypto vs 3Commas vs Royal Q Bot vs Bot Coin Pro Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

Good Crypto App offers simplistic interface with advanced trading tools while 3Commas offers best DCA Bots trailed by Bot Coin Pro and Royal Q Bots. Quadency platform offers different Bots with smart trading tools.

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Whether you are a Scalper, Swing Trader, HODLer or someone who still ask what cryptocurrency is?, you have to avail yourself of the opportunities of selecting the best mobile Apps to trade cryptocurrency. In the world of cryptocurrency, there are Trading Bots, Tools and Signals. Each is different in various ways.

Crypto Trading platforms and apps will help you execute smart orders to Buy or Sell a Crypto at the basic time or the price and time you chose. Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, are Enter and Exit orders that are given out by other third parties informing you on the best Cryptocurrency to hold or scalp on. Here we take a look at the different top cryptocurrency trading apps.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

A. 3COMMAS. This App offers trading on different Exchanges at once. It supports trading on over 30 Exchanges available. Simply connect through your Exchange’s API.


  • 3Commas support major crypto exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex and many others for easy trading.
  • As a Crypto trading platform, you can execute Buy and Sell orders on many Exchanges without having to switch desktop or Application. This saves you the time of having so many native Exchanges’ application on your mobile device. Or visiting their websites to place orders. 
  • Easier portfolio management system to see how your Crypto Assets are arranged. It shows Profits and Losses for the day, week, month and year. 
  • Free version offers One Smart Trade option. This way, you can try Trailing Stop Orders that can increase your Profits and mitigate losses on your Buy and Sell orders. Also, Stop loss orders are available outside the box for all users.
  • 3Commas offers best Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Bot for all its users. This is one of the major advantages of this platform. Free users can access this service without paying a dime; Awesome!
  • You can even get free signals for your trading. This is one of the best Cryptocurrency trading investment apps.


  • Can get quite expensive as there are different plan options. It comes with three days PRO free Trial, a limited FREE Plan, and other paid plans. The free plan is more than enough compared to its rivals.
  • Trading interface on the App is clunky and confusing. Website version offers more options than what is seen in the App.
  • May require medium knowledge on how to use the App. It can be confusing for Newbies.
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B. GOOD CRYPTO APP. Good Crypto App comes with platform trading for Binance, Bybit, FTX, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, KuCoin,, HitBTC, Huobi, OKEx, etc. This is a simple App with many powerful trading features. You can access Cryptocurrency trading across the different exchanges without the need to switch websites or Apps.


  • Simplistic Interface with advanced Crypto trading option. Good Crypto App have very simple interface without clunky options.
  • It offers the cheapest PRO version when compared with other services and trading Apps. Can be accessed on the web.
  • Sophisticated integrated Infinity Algo Trading option. Very useful in Bull Run with automation for life.
  • The best simple trading App on the market without issues. It comes with different Trailing Stop Buy/Sell options. You can even configure it to buy Dips of best cryptocurrencies.
  • Sophisticated live Order Books that can help you trade and make instant profits without hassles in Cryptocurrency trading.
  • Advanced Portfolio management across all your connected accounts. You can track your PnL and get alerts on how you have performed in the past 24 hours.
  • Integrated quick Alerts for top Defi coins price movements and Uniswap market data in real time.


  • Few documentation. It is relatiely new with few guys, but top notch in performance.
  • No built in Crypto Signal. Good Crypto App is only used for trading.
  • Automated crypto trading (Algo) configuration can make you lots of losses if not configured well. 
  • Lags sometimes and poor synchronizing issues. There is no built-in refresh icon. App can delay in refreshing and updating portfolio.

C. QUADENCY. If you are a fan of indicators trading, this platform can be beneficial for you. Quadency is another trading platform with Bots and manual smart trade selections. The Bots are of various types and can be very useful. The Bots can include:- Accumulator, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and Mean Reversion. This platform features a Trading Bot that can purchase different assets for you at different times. It is know as Portfolio Rebalancer. With Quadency application, you enjoy different trading robots.

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  • Different Trading Robots with different strategies. It offers a diverse trading bots. Dual Moving Average Crossover strategy, the RSI indicator, Bollinger Bands indicator, Multi-Level RSI, Grid trading strategy, TradingView Bot, and you can even code your strategy. Awesome App!
  • These different Trading Robots runs 24/7 without issues. 
  • It also offers a platform for manual trading. Smart Trades such as Trailing Stop Orders are available and working. 
  • Quadency platform offers a News section if you want to do more Fundamental Analysis (FA) for trading information. 
  • The platform has an advanced Portfolio information with many features. 


  • The mobile App is under development and has a lot of work to be done. In fact, it needs a functional mobile application.
  • Due to its many features, the platform is clustered and have difficult navigation for Newbies. 
  • This platform supports very few Exchanges compared to the two above. 

 D. Royal Q Bot And Bot Coin Pro Bot. These are different apps. They are neither trading platforms nor have trading tools. These are Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bots that employs Martingale strategy. It doubles the amount of Buy order after a certain percentage reduction in Crypto Trading. 


  • Royal Q Bot is the main version, while Bot Coin Pro Bot is a copy of it that comes cheaper.
  • Bot Coin Pro Bot is cheaper. Both have an active community with lots of members and advanced referral options.
  • Setup interface is customizable to your choice of trade. Both Apps cost over $120 per year. No trial period.
  • Bots only rebuys, when there is a show of strength in buying of the configured coin.


  • Charge $120 yearly subscription and 20% of your profits after trade. The user must deposit a certain minimum amount of money known as “Gas fees” before it works. 
  • Bot Coin Pro Bot has the worst customer support. Response may take days or weeks.
  • No Portfolio management option. They don’t come with crypto trading signal too.
  • Both support less than four major exchanges. 
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3Commas Trumps Royal Q and Bot Coin Pro Bots As The Best DCA Bot

  1. There are no “Gas Fee” when using 3Commas DCA Bot. You are not required to deposit any amount of Cryptocurrency for the Bot to use. This saves you lots of money and investment. You also get more trading tools.
  2. 3Commas DCA Bot comes with custom Crypto Signal. This ensures that the Bot buys at the right time. Excellent and wonderfully scripted.
  3. You can customize 3Commas DCA Bot in any way you want it. It can either hold multiple Pair at once or Single Pair Crypto at once.
  4. A free account on 3Commas platform gives you one DCA Bot free of charge. This is Fantastic! You can decide not to pay a dime for a DCA bot. This makes 3Commas platform best DCA Bot in the market; available free of charge.
  5. 3Commas DCA Bot comes with Stop Loss option. In fact, this 3Commas platform excels in all its dealings.

Verdict And Summary

1. For the best Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Bot in the market, 3Commas trumps its competitors. Quandency only buys within certain periods.

2. For a simple to advanced trading platform for all Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Good Crypto excels. This is trailed by the 3Commas platform and Quadency platform. This is because the 3Commas platform needs a basic tutorial for one to understand it. It requires deep documentation. Quandency needs one to learn its platform too.

3. Great Customer support platform with fast response, 3Commas wins all; coming close is the Good Crypto App and Quadency App. The other Apps have terrible customer support.

4. For fair pricing and the cheapest option, Quadency platform and Good Crypto App are outstanding.

5. In overall, it depends on you to try 3Commas, Quadency and Good Crypto out. Some come with trial periods. Royal Q Bot and Bot Coin Pro Bot don’t offer such initiative.

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Good Crypto for me. The developer has confirmed that the platform will come with a DCA bot before the end of this year.

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