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How To Hide Files Using Calculator Apps On Android

Some Calculator Apps on Android hide your files, Applications and also disguise as Calculator Apps. Most importantly, you can use them as calculators.

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There are Calculator Apps on Android that hide your files. They are simple file hiding applications that disguise as Calculator Apps. Most importantly, you can use them as calculators. They are fully functional calculators. With the highest number of users, Android is the king of Mobile OS. It has millions of Apps that can do anything you want to on a mobile phone. Android is the platform which implements more features than any other operating system.

The Calculator Apps have a vault where you can store pictures, videos, and documents. They hide your files and folders on Android. And except a user can identify this app, it functions as a calculator until the right password is entered on the screen. You will need to set up a password and then press the “=” (equality sign) button. This will take you to the hidden files and folders inside the app.

Calculator Apps On Android To Hide Files And Folders

1. Smart Hide CalculatorSmart Hide Calculator

This is one of the calculator apps on Android that can hide your files or folders on Android. Setup your password, and you will use equality sign “=” to access these files. With a rooted device, it offers extensive support to freezing and unfreezing applications. Freezing applications on Android help to save space without uninstalling the application.

  • Step 1. Download and install the Smart Hide calculator app on your Android device.
  • Step 2. Open the app and set a password. This is the password that you will use to access your hidden files.
  • Step 3. After you confirmed the password, you will see the fully functional calculator app on your screen.
  • Step 4. To hide and unhide files, enter your password and tap on ‘=’ button. You will see others like “Hide Files”, “Unhide Files” etc. This is your Vault.
  • Step 5. Select the files you want to hide and it will disappear. This app makes the files private.
  • To unhide the files, simply go to the vault and select the option “Unhide Files”. This will unhide the files.

2. Calculator Vault- Gallery LockCalculator Vault- Gallery Lock

Use this calculator vault to hide pictures, hide photos, and hide videos on Android. It can also function as an app lock. This is the most customizable calculator hiding the app on the Google Play store.

  • Step 1. Download and install Calculator Vault on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 2. Open the App and create a Locker password.
  • Step 3. Set a recovery question. This will be useful if you ever forget your password.
  • Step 4. Now you will see a fully functional calculator. Just enter your password to open the vault.
  • Step 5. To hide pictures, tap on the pictures and then tap on the ‘+’ button to start selecting the images. Click on the checkmark to hide these pictures. The image you selected in the vault will not appear in your Gallery anymore.
  • Step 6. To unhide any photo, tap on the three-dot button just beside the image and select the option ‘Unhide’. Choose the restoration path to continue.
  • Step 8. That’s it! you are done. This is how you can hide files and images inside the calculator app.

NOTE: Before uninstalling any of the calculator apps on Android, make sure you have unhide all the images or files or else it will be deleted

So, above is all about how to hide important files and folders inside the calculator app. This is the most effective hiding tools you can have in your device because everyone will think of it as a simple calculator. Hope you like the post, share the link. Learn how to pair Xender with your PC.

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