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How To Hide Your Money in a Nigerian Bank

You can hide your millions of Naira in a bank by Fixed deposits, Treasury Bills and Account Lien. Save, Accumulate and Invest your money for steady growth.

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Making money should top every individual priority in life. You can hide your money for so many reasons. Money is an essential commodity and a lot of it can ease you of so many life problems. Poverty is not a sin, but having millions of Naira in a Nigerian Bank can pose a high risk. There are no best business ideas to make money. Every business that makes you money comes with its own risks. Investing money in profitable businesses will fetch more money; only when you can save to invest. So, hiding money in banks can lead to savings and future investments.

With the increasing state of insecurity in Nigeria and the lack of trust from the employees working in different banks in the country, it is very necessary for someone with few millions of Naira to securely hide your money without any trace. This is a secured investment tip as you would never lose your money. You can hide your money in different ways with a Nigerian bank. When you hide your money, many employees and relatives may not know your net worth.

Advantages of Hiding Your Money in the Bank

  1. This can be the best way to make money, the best way to save money and also get rich with time.
  2. Appearing poor will limit your contact with opportunists and beggars that are interested in your money.
  3. All these methods listed here will limit your expenses. In other words, these are good money-saving tips.
  4. Good money management tips come with limited expenses. Investment plans will definitely come up when you have saved enough.
  5. Window shopping and unplanned expenditures will be abolished with these plans.
  6. Nobody can tell when your money is hidden with a Nigerian bank until you share the information.
  7. These methods are 100% safe and there are no losses whatsoever.
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Many financial advisers encourage people to save and invest in plans that bring in more money. This can be achieved through hiding your money in a bank.


This is a type of deposit that one keeps with a bank. It has a higher interest rate more than a normal savings account. The interests rate may not exceed 7.5%.


  • Money on Fixed deposits only reflects on the Bank’s mobile app and cannot be accessed with ATM card. This makes it possible for you to save your money.
  • Can only be terminated through the counter inside the bank. This makes it possible for hidden access.
  • You can terminate a fixed deposit account anytime. The capital sum will not be affected. Your money is very intact.


  • As this can be terminated at will, it is not the best option of hiding your money in the Bank.
  • This amount reflects on Bank’s statements and in their mobile app. Any intruder access can discover your hidden money.


This is a savings and investment platform from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It is far better than Fixed/Term deposit accounts. You can also hide your money with Treasury bills in a Nigerian bank.


  • Money does not reflect on any of the Bank’s platforms. Once there is a debit, the capital disappears from your account. This is better than Fixed deposits.
  • Cannot be terminated until maturity day. Awesome!
  • There is a proof of investment from the bank and only you know how much you have in the bank.
  • Your money is 100% safe. This deposit has a good interest rate.


This is a method where the applicant instructs his/her bank to restrict a certain amount of funds in their account. This makes the amount inaccessible from any user on the account.


  • Your fixed capital disappears completely. Nobody can see this except the Bank’s side. Your money is fully intact.


  • If you forget that you restricted a certain amount of money in your account, you might as well never see that money. No one except you knows about this investment.
  • It does not come with proof of investment. Like a savings account, it may not attract any interests.

The best way to hide and accumulate your millions of Naira in any Nigerian Bank would be through Treasury Bill investment. Account Lien is okay if you don’t want your partner to know anything about your account in case you can’t hide the documents.

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