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How To Choose the Best Mobile Phone To Buy

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So many telecommunication companies produce different phones each year. These cater to different needs. Choosing a perfect mobile device can be confusing in a world with many different choices. Tips and guides from the salesperson is a trick to let you part with your money in exchange for patronage for a mediocre device. We can attempt to see how to choose a phone to buy that can cater for our core daily needs.

The best way to make perfect selection on the mobile phone that you want to buy is to get two materials – a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Doing away with less distractions, write out 3 to 5 things that you want to achieve with this device. Streamlined decisions would filter out future regrets and the fear of missing out (FOMO). It is important to write down three things that you would love to have and achieve with your expected mobile device before proceeding to making market decisions.

On Android and iOS, it is not necessary to be following the market trend with changing phones every year. The ideal, is to change your phone after 3 – 5 years of usage. From my discovery, aside playing games, most android phones do the same thing as far as your phone can load Apps and not lag. MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT INVESTMENTS! THEY ARE PURE LIABILITIES.

Very Important Tips on Choosing a Phone to Buy

  1. Bigger Battery comes first. In a world with constant activities on internet connections, the first choice is to go with a phone with a big battery. The idea is to be able to use your mobile device all day round without the need for recharging. In Nigeria, this is the first thing to consider. In this modern age, it becomes a shame that an acclaimed giant of Africa has an average of 5 hours of light in the whole country. A big battery would ensure that you can use your phone for a longer time and period.
  2. Fast Charging capability compensates for big battery devices. Always buy phones that charge very fast within a short period of time. This ensures that you stay connected almost round the clock. From what we could do with our mobile phones, fast charging capability makes our phones stay less idly plugged on charging circuits.
  3. More Connectivity Options & 5G internet connectivity. With trending fast internet connections and more connectivity options, always stay at the top with devices that offer more connectivity options. This would make your stay on the latest technology in vogue.
  4. Quality builds for durability. Don’t ever buy devices on cheap build quality. Quality built products last longer and are able to survive different physical tests. Head to YouTube and see how different devices are subjected to extreme physical damages to know their limits. The phone that you wish to buy should last for more than three (3) years without damages or scratches. Mobile phones are NOT investments! They are pure liabilities.
  5. Multiple SIM devices. This would ensure that you can connect with different networks and explore cheaper alternatives. Instead of wasting your money on two different phones, buy one phone with two SIM slots. The mobile phone that you wish to buy should make your life simpler and easier.
  6. Bigger Storage with Expanded Storage option. Go for phones that have bigger internal memories and there is a memory slot option for expanding it. Consider a laptop, for example, you can expand most of the options. Having this option makes it easier to adopt to the increasing demands of memory spaces for high tech files and entertainment. You can have more media of high clarity and can work on certain files right on your mobile device.
  7. Average Processor and Medium End Phones. Except you are so rich, phones are not investments. They offer almost the same thing. The Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc that you can access on a $1,000+ device is the same on a $100 phone. Save money and buy something that can carry out your required day to day activities. Medium range devices can get you many features that are important to your life. If you want to play high-end games, go and buy devices meant for gaming.
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Less Important Tips on Choosing a Phone to Buy

  1. Flagship devices. These are produced and released in an attempt for competitiveness. They are purely promotional and will be repeated every quarter. Except one meets your top five criteria, do not look at it two times.
  2. Refresh rates, Jampacked processors, etc. These are less important for the daily usage of mobile devices. They are marketing gimmicks to stay on the float and in your mind.
  3. Camera this, Camera that. Modern phones have great cameras. If you are always trying to upgrade because of the camera, then, sorry! If you are not doing professional photography, good camera quality is enough to go for. Instead, buy a professional shooting camera device.
  4. Different sensors are not that important. This is of less importance to your daily needs. People tend to use 25% of their mobile phone capacity.
  5. Benchmarks and performances are important to know the capability of the device that you intend to buy.
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