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How To Hide App And Hide Pictures On Android

Hide Apps from the Police, SARS, snoopers, etc who wish to snoop and checkmate your private life and activities. This method is easy and trusted. It will not take up to five minutes to do.

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There are more than fifty applications (app) to hide apps on Android. Android developers work hard around the clock to make sure that you can hide apps, pictures, videos and files on your Android phone. The best app hider on Android is the calculator hide app. This simple tool can hide apps, photos, videos and files on Android. You can even hide the calculator hide app from the user interface (menu) using a defined code. There are other ways that you can use and beef up data security and privacy on your iPhone.

Hide App and Pictures using App Hider App on Android

Step 1 – Download and Install App Hider apk free from the Google Play Store.

This is the application that is helpful when a user wants to hide apps and pictures on Android. This App can hide pictures, etc. It has the ability to clone an App into multiple apps. This makes it possible to use the same app simultaneously on your phone.  

Step 2 – Install App Hider 64 Support

If you plan on hiding and cloning apps, you’ll still need to install an additional app. This app will provide the required 64-bit support needed. So again, either go to the Play Store or hit the link below to get your hands on App Hider 64 Support.

Step 3 – You can now Hide and Clone Apps

Once you have both App Hider and App Hider 64 Support, you can now proceed to hide and clone apps you deem private. Simply open the app, and tap on “Add App” on the main page to add apps that you want to hide. Once you’ve added an app, App Hider will proceed to install and clone it within its system.

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You can now delete the app from your regular system if you want to keep it private. You can also opt to keep both, which would give you the ability to run two different accounts on the same app, like running work and personal accounts for Facebook and other apps.

Step 4 – Hide Pictures And Videos

If you have pictures that you wish to hide, simply tap on “Gallery” to get started, and hit the “+” symbol in the lower-right corner on the following page. From there, tap “Import Photo/Video” and select the location of the target files once prompted. Now, tap on the photos and videos you want to copy, then hit “Import” on the bottom to finish up. This process hides pictures that people can not see on your phone. This is a photo locker tool part of the gallery locker tool in the app.

App Hider for Android hides the pictures and videos that you choose on the app by making a copy. This gives you the freedom to totally erase it from your Android file system. If you opt to erase the original files, they’ll no longer show up since there’s technically nothing to detect. Even plugging your device via USB to your PC or Mac will come up with zero results as far as your private pictures and videos are concerned.

Step 5 – Lock And Hide App Hider

Now that you know your way around the app, it’s time to lock it up and hide it entirely. Camouflaging App Hider is by far one of the coolest features of the app. You can do this by selecting “Protect AppHider” from either the main page, the side navigation menu, or the settings page. Once selected, you’ll be prompted to enter and confirm your desired four-digit PIN to secure the app.

After setting your numeric lock, App Hider will now show up as an innocuous calculator hide app within your app drawer moving forward. To access, simply enter your code anytime you want to access App Hider, and you’ll instantly be taken to your hidden apps and files — no confirmation required.

App Hider is not just for people who need to hide files to protect against snooping, but also, a great option for individuals, like parents, who need to hide sensitive files and protect them against accidental loss. Just keep in mind that all your data that’s stored within App Hider will be deleted if you ever choose to delete and uninstall the app. So all of the apps and pictures you hid in there will be lost, and you’ll have to start fresh next time. This can actually be a good thing, as it gives you the ability to completely erase all your secret files in just a few taps.

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