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Important Tips On How To Buy Laptop In Nigeria Africa

Before you set out to buy a laptop in Nigeria, this guide can influence and help you in making a quality decision. Make sure you shop right for your PC.

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There is a range of laptops available in the market. Each offering its own unique features. Buying a new PC can be a great dilemma for most of us specifically, with the choice and wide range of products available these days. It is important that we make an informed and well-researched choice rather than being influenced by what a salesperson feeds you with. Let us start stepwise and try to reach a better conclusion with these tips.

First, decide what you want to do with the computer. Evaluating your needs will streamline your choice in the right direction. You can buy laptops in Nigeria online; or preferably, a reputable outlet. Personal computers come in different classes. Some are for basic computer functions such as email, Internet, and word processing. The mid-range laptops come with higher features and suitable for day-to-day activities. The high-end laptops, although costly, are best for programming, 3D games, video editing, and processing. These high-end laptops can take any task you throw on them with ease.

You can customize a computer to meet your needs. Find the manufacturer’s website and use the customize order section. After customization, make payments and your customized laptop will be shipped to your doorstep.


To buy laptops in Nigeria, it will be wise for you to understand these few points. They will help you in making a quality decision. Shop for Cheap Laptops on Jumia | Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall. Wide Variety of Laptops at affordable prices. Fast Nationwide Delivery


The latest processor is core i7 with few generations. Generations here are updates and improvements on its features. This is a top end processor. The processor comes with different speeds. The higher the speed, the faster the computer in handling a task. Core i7 processor is faster than core(TM) i5, which in turn is better than core(TM) i3. The hierarchy can be checked HERE. When choosing a laptop, make sure the processor is suitable for you based on what you intend to use it for. Processors are not upgradable in laptops, so make the right decision before buying laptops to avoid stories. Every processor comes with a speed in GHz. Always check the processor and its speed before buying. Intel processors compete with AMD processors. Better buy INTEL processors to avoid overheating problems and PC crashes.

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Installed Memory (RAM):

After the processing unit, the Random Access Memory is the next point to consider. Random Access Memory is measured in GB. High-end games require at least 8GB of RAM to run without a glitch. For light usage, like watching movies, browsing the internet and processing documents, a 2GB RAM will handle all these tasks. A 4GB RAM is a minimum for the modern applications to run. It is better to buy a laptop with at least 4GB RAM, as most OS requires that before installation. If possible, buy a laptop in Nigeria with at least 8GB RAM. This is the target for the future.

Most laptops come with two slots for RAM installation. Buy laptop in Nigeria with multiple slots for RAM. Multiple slots will give you the option of upgrading the RAM twice of what it came with. This means that if you buy a laptop with 4GB RAM, you can install another 4GB RAM to make it a total of 8GB.

Disk Drives and Space:

This is where you save all your files. The Simple State Drive (SSD) performs far better than Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Buy a laptop with at least 500GB, this can save you the stress of running out of space in the future. Storing high-quality videos, high-end games, better resolution images, and high-end applications come with demanding space. They take quite a lot of space, and with a laptop, you can backup your entire mobile phone memory on your laptop; all these need space to be safe. Make a target of 1TB (1000GB) for your disk space. There is no limit on what you can save on your laptop computer.

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Screen Size:

If you need sharper text and crisp images, buy a laptop in Nigeria with a better screen resolution. An HD(High Definition) screen offers more sharpness, and interestingly, takes lesser power. The screen size depends on the choice of the manufacturer. Modern laptops come with at least a Resolution of 1366 x 768. And frequency of 60 Hertz. Make sure you buy a laptop in Nigeria with good resolution or else, you may not enjoy good quality movies. A bigger screen will give you a wider view where you can resize apps and still get a decent multi-task function. Although, Windows 10 offers multiple desktops which makes multitasking very easy and simple.

Battery Life:

A laptop without a battery life of at least 6hrs is not a good choice. With erratic power supply in Nigeria, a good laptop should give 6hrs of work without an electric power source. Lenovo laptops provide the best battery backup. Before buying a laptop, find out from other consumers what they say about its battery life. Don’t ever trust the manufacturer concerning battery life. Manufacturers tell lies when it comes to how long a laptop can last using its battery. With very good battery life, you don’t always have to worry about NEPA or any other name they choose to call themselves. You can see MORE ON LAPTOPS WITH BEST BATTERY LIFE

Networking and Connectivity:

USB ports are necessary for accessing files from USB sticks and maybe, installing a new OS from USB. Check for advance support of USB 3.0 and above. At least three USB ports are okay for a normal user. External hardware and computer peripherals can fit into the PC all at once without issues. Aside from USB ports, check for Bluetooth, Ethernet connector, and SD Card support. These must be present.

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Graphics Card:

For top 3D games and high-end tasking applications, a dedicated graphics card is needed for them to run effortlessly. A dedicated graphics card is only for high-end software. Always go for NVIDIA graphics as they are the best in the market. Dedicated graphics offer more in the performance department; and faster rendering of 3D programs.


New laptops come with one year warranty. If a few bucks can get you more years warranty, go for it. Did you know that electronics can break down without a physical force? A hard disk drive can crash by running certain programs. It is better to buy a laptop in Nigeria with a warranty covering more than one year. In case of breakdown, you will get a free service or a new laptop as a replacement.

Buy laptop in Nigeria with good quality and reliability. Stick with recent improvements on the processor and get a good RAM for fast performance. Have in mind that you can only upgrade HDD and RAM. If you buy a laptop in Nigeria with an inferior processor or mediocre performance, you either manage it till it dies or dumps it in your bag. So, make the right decision and avoid complains.

Verdict: Note that the most expensive laptop is not always the best and vice versa. You can find a lowly priced laptop that serves you well for the longest period of time. Some of the features of different laptops are not always necessary, especially when they raise the price of the device. Take as many times as possible researching on different laptops before making a decision to avoid disappointments in the future.

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