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INSIDE LIFE – Emotion Meets Reality

Life is beautiful. You should enjoy it while it last. Life is full of problems, you should endure it while you last. Life is what it is, you should never expect anything, just do the next right thing. – AgentNnamdi

Another post to post. It is not by faith, it is by what we are taught in life by people we admire. Inside life, everybody likes to be heard. Nobody likes to listen. We all have this wonderful idea – that our ideas are the best. And that people should listen and obey us. We are almost the same. Since the birth of popular social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc – humans have been known to share their “me moments”, and what they root for. This is a bit funny; not to laugh, but wonder, “how on earth did we think we make sense?”

Funny enough, what we believe in are what was passed down to us. In my recent observation, I can vouch that we are all emotional; all of us. Everybody has feelings which we believe is right or wrong. We are all confused, even in our logic system. We can never agree on one subject, even if it doesn’t make sense. I used to believe that men are logical, but I came to discover that most men are very very stupid!

We are influenced by what we feel, what we see, what we hear, what we taste, and what we smell. If you put your emotions first, then you are human. Welcome to LIFE. It doesn’t make sense, yet we all are right in our domains. Funny how we criticize and abuse people, but a U-turn sends us packing to the worse zone of the same criticism. Shame on us, humans! We know we shall fade in abyss one day, yet we struggle and fight for meaningless things. It’s a thug of war; we kill for sport and fun. Fuck losers! Who cares how we feel? Don’t we have sense? If we do, why don’t logic makes sense? Oh! Feelings… Inside life…

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If we are heavily influenced by five senses, then, we are not always right. We are viewing things from a perspective, and it can change. When we change our perspective, we think and act differently. We strongly aim for acceptance, social belonging and Ego. Emotion is not and will never be reality. Reality is what it is. Emotions are what should; what could; what would; whatever… This is bullshit! Yet we survive on bullshits. Shame on us!

Inside Life,

1. Where two grownups come together in full consent and give birth to an entitled person. This entitled person will start blaming God for creating him/her. Does God owe you? Has he borrowed from you before? He made it possible for you to be alive, YES! Be thankful for that.

2. Where a full-grown human being borrows to impress a lady. Why borrow to influence your responsibility? When it escalates, why are you complaining? Did she force you to spend? Is it not your responsibility and ability to say “no”?

3. Where the majority of people try to impress people by what they do. Are people interested in you because you are you? Never! People are only interested in what you have to offer them. Get that sink into your brain. Most people are interested in their selfish desires. Why do people get angry when we refuse to do what they expect us to do? Can’t I have my own say and act without your feelings? Why do you go to big churches? Follow important people on social media? Why are you still in a wonderful relationship?

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4. Where a full-grown adult will use his mind and time to criticize himself into depression just because he couldn’t reach an expected aim of impressing people. Continue! You can either make yourself happy or miserable. It’s still your choice and in your power. Sounds awkward? Yeah, I know. It’s an emotional time. It rules us. We don’t make sense. I know that too.

5. Where a man will dedicate all his energy, time and resources in satisfying a woman (queen). He goes ahead to boast of how he rules the world. Laugh my ass off… Hahahaha! Shame on you. Why do we take the responsibilities of a grown-up adult, as we do for kids? Are they senseless? Are they animals? If they are “partners”, why can’t we agree that we don’t have “sense”. Even if this “sense” makes sense to us. It’s shameful for adults to prosper like animals, yet we feed and laugh at them. Humans are stupid!

6. We stay behind our smart screens and make so much noise. But in reality, we can’t even achieve those things we boast or criticize people for. Behind social media platforms, we are Tigers. In reality, we are losers.

7. We sit, wish and hope for money to come to us. We expect God to pick our calls. Like WTF?! Please, pass me God’s phone number. I would really like to hear how thunderous his voice sounds.

8. Inside life, where we think our ideas are the best; never wishing to explore the unknown. Our values and beliefs are thought to be the ultimate and the best. We try to shove these values down on other people (like gods we are not). And if these people refuse, we either threaten, criticize, blame or harm them. Some of these points could be wrong. It doesn’t matter. It is all emotional. You should have your own values and beliefs, just let it revolve around LOVE. And what is love? It is all emotional too.

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9. We are born into a System, and we’ve come to believe in that system. Why do we hate and criticize other people in other systems? If our system is the best, can’t we just enjoy it? Must we force others to emulate us? What happens to freedom in humanity? Why do we feel threatened when others don’t believe in us? Why do we feel? Okay, Emotions again. Whew! Inside Life!

10. Our rightness and wrongness depend on the angle we view it. If an action doesn’t violate the acts of love, why then do we want to change it? If there are disadvantages, why can’t we focus on the moral and individual discipline?

11. If you are reading this, welcome to Life. Be happy you lived. Some in some systems never had the opportunity of being responsible for whom they are. They live on emotions, this is not reality. Inside life…

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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it last. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter any more.

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