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Lock And Unlock Your Computer With A Pen Drive

The USB stick can offer more protection for your PC. It simply turns your USB or Pen drive to a physical security key. You can also use your Pen Drive or USB to boost your RAM on the computer. This offers you more RAM with a Pen Drive.

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You can lock and unlock your computer with a Pen drive or USB as this offers more security for your PC. It simply turns your USB or Pen drive to a physical security key. If you are yet to own a PC you can learn more on our PC buying guides. We will need software to do this tweak. This software is called Predator. This software turns your Pen drive into a password. Without your Pen drive, you cannot access your computer. If you unplug the Pen drive from your computer, your PC will be locked. This is one of the most advanced securities for any computer user.

Steps On How To Lock And Unlock Your Computer Using A Pen Drive

  1. Download Predator USB software. It comes with a nine (9) days trial. The premium price is from $10 to $30.
  2. Connect your Pen drive.
  3. Install and Launch this software on your Windows PC.
  4. When you launch this software, it requires you to set up a password. Set your password and click on Ok button. (Make sure your Pen drive is connected to your computer.)
  5. Now, this software is ready for locking your computer with the Pen drive.
  6. You can explore other settings by going to the Predator Settings Tab. This is where you set the time interval according to your needs. The default time interval is 30 seconds. If you remove the Pen drive from your computer, it will automatically lock in 30 seconds.

How To Use Pen Drive As Computer RAM

1. First, plug your USB in the USB port and make sure that you do not have any important data on USB.

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2. Open your “My Computer” and Right click on the USB. Which you want to use as RAM.

3. Select “Properties” (the last option) from the drop-down menu.

4. A new window will open select “Ready Boost” Tab from there. And tick on the “Use this device” button.

5. Select the space which you want to use for RAM.

6. Finally, click on the “Apply” and then finally “OK” button.

7. This is it. You have successfully used your USB (Pen drive) as virtual memory (RAM) for your computer.

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