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Men Lose And Women Rule In Most Relationships

Relationships aren’t like investing. If you want a lot, get used to giving more. …love and attention and humor and fun aren’t like money. If you give them out, you don’t have less. You have MORE! — David Deangelo

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I can’t get a good title for this piece of thought. Choose any of these titles for yourself:
How Women Win / Men Always Lose / Women Control All Our Activities / Women Have The Most Power / Awkward Relationship Between Men And Women / Football Match Between Men And Women. THIS IS A FUN POST.

Statistics show that women are the spenders in Malls/shops etc. but the majority of them are unemployed. And men always think they are winning, but let us take a critical look at the relationship between men and women. See how to plan with your Phones.

How Men Lose To Women

1. You hustle all day and night chasing money and getting the money, only for you to meet her. Your brain starts racking with emotions. And lastly, countless dates and shopping. Then comes the heartbreak…

Man: Lost his Energy, Time and his Money.
Woman: Lost only time. Only on rare occasions, she loses her energy.

Men 0 : 1 Women

2. Wonder how your female friends who in their comfort zones have friend-zoned you. You are always willing to help them grow stronger and mightier. Their only contribution is to follow you around. Lol
You call them for 24hrs, they return the calls for 25minutes. You reward them with cash because bro is working and they are there for you… hahaha.

Man: Lost Money and Time.
Woman: Lost nothing at all.

Men 0 : 2 Women

3. Then you upgrade to the next level of friends who kiss and smooch only. No penetration or blow jobs. And you are feeling fly. Your bank account starts depleting and she keeps you “company” because she has nothing doing, and no favors rendered to you. You think one day you’ll hit the coochie… Hahahahaha. LMAO

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Man: Lost his Sense, Money, Time, and Energy (some masturbate after she leaves. Because Junior must come).
Woman: Lost nothing at all.

Men 0 : 3 Women

4. Wonder how a successful man can take a liability wife and decide to upgrade her. But a successful woman can never see any reasonable thing in a struggling man.
You decide to marry a slay queen because of your stupid Ego. You work all the time, no rest, no joy with your boss, government and probably your co-workers. After work, you submit the money to your wife, you avoid asking questions and you claim to lord over her. You have a quarrel with her, the internet, media and some zombies tell you to vacate your house and cool off in a beer parlor where you will have issues with bottles, etc. Chai!!!

Man: Made all the money for his “love”.
Woman: Good wives are perfect; Bad ones…

Men 1 : 4 Women

5. You have a child, brother/sister or cousin you wish to help. You bring him/her home to your wife and everything starts falling apart. Quarrels, complain, too much nagging on how lazy the person you brought home is. You bowed and sent him/her packing.
She does the same thing, but you dare NOT complain or nag. Why would you? You have your work and Boss to fight. Sorry Man.

Man: Loses his Sanity.
Woman: Wins in her Favor.

Men 1 : 5 Women

6. I watched AY film where a lady insulted and spat on RMD; the wealthy man started slapping his bodyguard in retaliation. What a Fool!
In another scene, RMD was captured and helpless. The lady showed no mercy, she beat the hell out of the rich “gentleman”.
Very funny how men don’t hit women, but women can attack men at will. If you have ever fought with a girl while growing up, you will relate to the strength they have. Shame!

Man: Very stupid to take beatings like a coward. Buckled Emotions and Lacking Courage.
Woman: Free of Expression, Stronger and more Willpower.

Men 1 : 6 Women

7. A man chases a lady with his money, net-worth and overcaring attitude. When the lady starts demanding the attraction (money), he runs to social media and starts complaining. Always boasting of how wonderful his career/work is; flaunting his money and rides just for pussy. Losers!
Women on the other hand only need to paint their ugly faces and act like they don’t care.

Man: Submits his CV/Resume just to sleep with a girl. Complains and mutter sadly; full of pity. 
Woman: Just apply paint and walk like she doesn’t care. Is this a loss?

Men 1 : 7 Women


  1. A man cannot raise his ex-wife’s child under the same roof with a new woman who is still fertile and can give birth or have her own children. There must be a quarrel!
    But a woman can do that. Refer to this thread on Nairaland
  2. A woman with many male friends always wins. They are always willing to fight, help or advise her. A man with many female friends has bigger responsibilities. Always spending, thinking and wishing. Loses!
  3. Don’t think that sleeping with a woman is a loss to her. A non-virgin woman cannot be guaranteed not to have slept with many men. Sorry!
  4. Some men last less than 10 minutes after the whole chasing and spending games. Oh yeah, that’s Nature design. God is Universal!

Sorry Guys, we are born to lose. Men Should learn how to Treat Themselves Well!!! Spend on Yourself, Enjoy Your Life.
All the money will still pass to someone who doesn’t give an F***.
Lastly, behind every successful man is a lot of hard work, Effort and Daring Confidence to challenge the world. Women don’t make money for any man. Go and find this out yourself. 


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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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