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Mobile Networks in Nigeria: A Personal Analysis

Considering the four mobile internet data providers in Nigeria, 9Mobile and MTN mobile networks rank the highest in terms of quality internet services, Airtel and GLO offer more quantity internet data plans.

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With the growing number of internet users in the country, the four major mobile networks in Nigeria are edging it out against themselves. My coming from a suburban area in the country has made me to practically used over twenty sim cards of the four different mobile networks in Nigeria. The question still remains: “Which network in Nigeria is the best for internet browsing?”

In the ascending order of personal preference, I choose GLO, Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile. From this, I can say GLO is the worse while 9Mobile is the best. We can now argue further down the lane.

GLO Network

GLO mobile network offers mouth-watering bonuses and cheapest internet tariff. Nevertheless, newer sims come with so many packages that will make you jump into their bandwagon as soon as you see any of their retailers. With all these freebies, this is the worst network. Their network speed is very slow; it is only on their 3G that you will be getting less than 30kb/sec speed. Fluctuating mobile network, inability to make clearer calls and a good way to waste bonuses. You cannot trust this mobile internet provider, one cannot guarantee constant internet service. A call to their customer care always ends in them telling you to change your location. This means you can pack out from where you live and start scouting for an area where their network mask is. And sometimes, they charge you for an unknown service.

Airtel Network

This network offers many calls and internet bonuses for first-time subscribers. You get amazing offers for recharging your new sim card or subscribing to an internet bundle. Airtel can is good for every class of people in Nigeria. Their problems can include: inability to speak with customer care representatives and internet speed throttling. Airtel has implemented 4G across the country, improving its speed on 4G devices only. They decided to throttle 3G networks and reduce the speed of many internet users. This has spelled doom for 3G devices because they can’t get more than 100kb/sec internet speed. Except you are using a 4G device for this network, the speed can be frustrating and you will have to consider another internet provider. Airtel network can subscribe you to a recurrent mobile subscription. This strategy is to rob you of your airtime until it finishes without your knowledge. You must keep up with your airtime balance on this network, else you wake up with a zero balance on your sim card. This daylight robbery has been with them since inception. Always check your airtime balance on this mobile network.

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MTN Network

Unlike the former two mobile networks, they offer limited bonuses for the first time and current subscribers. This network is very trusted for internet services and comes best when dealing with data resellers. On a reselling platform, you get cheaper internet service for a longer period of time. Their speed on both 3G and 4G devices are great, but the latter is awesome. Their internet service hardly disappoints. They won my second runner up because with a Samsung device, your GPS will be constantly turned on. This leads to a sharp decrease in the battery with the GPSD as the culprit.

9Mobile Network

As I sat in one of their outlets waiting to register and recharge my sim card, I observed that many of their subscribers have cars and are comfortable from their profession. This internet provider doesn’t fail at any time of the day. Fewer times have I gotten network glitches with them. They rarely give out bonuses (both calls and data). So, if you trying to jump into the 9Mobile wagon, note that their internet packages are very costly and it comes without any bonuses. They are comfortable with their 3G service, but I tell you they offer blazing internet network service. Lastly, they hardly steal airtime and have excellent customer service providers. Even if you are angered by their service, a call to their customer representative will calm your nerves. They are calm and good in handling customer issues.

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