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MTN Internet Data Plans And Subscription Codes

MTN internet data plans are reliable, and you don’t have to worry about data zapping or speed throttling from the network.

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MTN Nigeria is one of the largest Internet service provider in Nigeria. They offer a relatively cheaper internet bundle than their counterparts. MTN internet data plans are reliable, and you don’t have to worry about data zapping or speed throttling from the network. MTN has 4G-LTE services. This makes MTN internet data plans very fast; download speed exceeding 4Mb/sec at night or early hours in the morning.

MTN Internet Data Plans Lists

Daily Plans: 

These plans have 24hrs validity. You can’t use them for more than one day. They are suitable for quick internet access for the day.

  1. 50MB for N100. Lasts for 24hrs and gives a maximum of 50MB. Dial *104# or Text 104 to 131.
  2. 150MB for N200. You get three times data if you double your money. Only last for 24hrs. Dail *113# to subscribe. Or Text 113 to 131.

Weekly Plans:

  1. 150MB for N300. This has 7 (seven) days of validity. Dail *102# to subscribe to this plan. You can send an SMS 102 to 131.
  2. 500MB + 250MB bonus (1am-7am) for N500. This plan gives you 500MB for 500NGN usable for 7 days. It comes with a 250MB bonus. This bonus only works from 1 am to 7 am daily within the 7-day period. The total data accumulates to 750MB for Seven (7) days.
    You can subscribe by dialing *103# Or send 103 to 131 in an SMS.

Monthly MTN Internet Data Plans:

  1. 1GB + 500MB bonus (1am – 7am) for N1,000. Subscribe and get 1GB for 30 days. The bonus is only usable within the specified period. This is not good as you have to stay awake or wake up too early to enjoy your data bundle.
    Dail *106# to activate this plan. Or text 106 to 131 in SMS.
  2. 1.5GB for N1,200. This works 24 hours throughout the 30 days validity. No need of waking too early to use any bonus. This is better than the first plan.
    Dial *130# to activate this internet plan. Or text 130 to 131.
  3. 2.5GB + 1GB bonus (1am – 7am) for N2000. Like this MTN internet data plan? Dial *110# or Text 110 to 131 to subscribe.
  4. 5GB At N3,500. The higher you go, the cheaper it becomes. Instead of this plan, you can check the next option.
    Dial *107# or text 107 to 131 to subscribe.
  5. 10GB At N5,000. This is the best monthly data plan for internet users. Suitable for bloggers, online enthusiasts, or heavy internet users. MTN has a stable internet network in the country. All monthly plans last for 30 days.
    You can this plan by dialing *116# or text 116 to 131.
  6. 22GB for N10,000. This is the highest 30 days offer from MTN internet data plans.
    Dial *117# or text 117 to 131 to activate this plan.
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3-Months MTN Internet Data Plans:

The plans below last for three (3) months or 60 days. Autorenewal is applicable if you didn’t finish up your data bundle subscription.

  1. 50GB for N20,000. To enjoy this offer for 60 days, dial *118# or text 118 to 131.
  2. 85GB for N50,000. Dial *133# or text 133 to 131 to activate this plan.

MTN Night Plan

This gives you 500MB for N25 usable between 12 am – 3:30 am. It comes with free YouTube streaming during that period. MTN night plan is only for MTN Pulse subscribers. 9Mobile offers a wonderful Night and Weekend package for the Nocturnals.

  1. Migrate to MTN Pulse by dialing *406*1#. Or text 406 to 131.
  2. You must activate this plan between 12 am to 3 am, else, you will lose your money.
    Text Night to 131 in SMS to activate this Plan.

Check Balance: You can know how many MB left on your data by texting 2 to 131. Dial *131# to manually navigate different MTN Data plans on your device.


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