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Why Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Is SCAM!

In a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, you must provide a referral to earn, invest your money and sell for commission benefits.

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Just like advertising products, Multi-Level marketing is a strategy where individuals are convinced to sell products and bring a downline into the business. The first time that you are introduced, they claim it’s all bed of roses. Marketers have this idea of showcasing that things are simple and the good life is there. The point is, in every Multi-Level Marketing industry on earth, there are more losers than gainers. For a person to earn, He/She must bring forth another person either to buy a product or make a down payment. This avenue is a Ponzi activity. It means that your investments are not sure.

La Buena Vida Is a Scam and it sells you the idea that you are not selling any product, yet you will be convinced to buy some health products and find people (your downlines) that will come and buy a category of products under you before you can earn. The top gainers of this Ponzi arrangement are the head starters. Just like a High Yield Investment Programmes (HYIP), the latecomers will encounter heavy losses. The idea of a business is to earn and make a profit. Else, it’s a wild goose chase. Congratulations on the MLM scam activities.

Once seated for their brainwashing orientation, you will be shown countless billionaires entrepreneurs and be convinced that you will engage in entrepreneurial activity. It is foolishness that I felled for that Scam from La Buena Vida. So shameful that logical questions didn’t make sense to me anymore. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Alibaba, etc., are Technology Investors. La Buena Vida and other MLM activities are Ponzi schemes with a high level of marketing activities. There was no marketer billionaire shown, yet the organizers wish to delude their prospective candidates’ minds into believing that they will become their own Boss.

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One of the worst things about Self-help millionaire handouts is the castigation of average people and 9 – 5 workers. A look around the world shows that more people earn a living by working for someone, yet many young individuals want to catapult themselves into earning billions by just being n entrepreneur… Life is not a bed of wishful thinking. When you work so smart and by the grace of God, you will earn your dues.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is SCAM Summary

  • You make money for the person who brought you into the system. This means that you are working for a Boss.
  • The company sells you overpriced products. You buy a product, the company earns their profits, your Bosses on top earn their commissions. Simply, no company operates under a loss for short. You must overpay for your goods.
  • Most of those health products may not be ideal for you. You may be buying what you don’t need. Window shopping.
  • You are a commissioned marketer. You will market for peanuts. If your downlinks stop working for you, brokenness will show up.
  • The commissions may not equal your initial investment. Your capital is your Money, Time and Marketing energy. Your commissions are just like 3% of your capital. Depending on how well you work, you may not recoup your initial investments. So, your new business is operating at a loss.
  • You are still an employee. A marketing employee! Don’t ever think that you are a Boss. You can never be.
  • The idea of having an automatic linking software by La Buena Vida is a Scam. If you can’t bring in your downlines, you are OYO.
  • In multi-level marketing, you will sometimes lie to bring in people. Multi-Level Marketing is a Ponzi Scam activity.

It is good to know what you are getting into before you drown in the middle. All MLM engines operate in a Loss – Gain relationship. You have to figure out where you will end up. You can invest your Time and Energy in real estate properties. Realtor pays well far more than what MLM offers you.

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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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