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There Is No Church In Heaven Stop Arguing And Criticisms

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and believe them to be true.” — Buddha

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Back in the university, We went for Legion work and unfortunately, we visited two Reverends from Anglican Church. After Bible sharing, arguments ensured on which church is the right one. We argued our time out. Different parties trying to convince one another of the “right church”. Sadly, there were differences in the same book. Each party claiming to be right. We shared many testimonies from the Catholic Church, they too enjoined us in sharing other testimonies from their church too. What a good God we have.

After catechism classes on a good evening, I went in for evening Benediction and the Catechist blatantly condemned Pentecostals and Non-Catholic Churches. He told us, “we have seven sacraments and we are still not sure of going to Heaven. How much more those without a single sacrament.” He stated that the non-Catholic Churches are hell bound. Oh! He is not aware that many Pentecostal churches offer communion to their members too? This Catechist stays in one corner and criticizes what he knows nothing of. He must learn!

Have you ever wondered: “Which church does God belong?” Did Jesus establish a church on Earth? Why the huge differences in the church today? Worse being criticism and attack on the body of Christ. One God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Most confusing, One Bible! Reverend Fathers saying “mushroom churches…”, Pastors making different prophesies and attacking each other to win members, etc.

Miracles happen every day regardless of the Church you are attending. Catholic, Redeemed, Living Faith, etc all give testimonies of how God answered their prayers. God’s grace is abundant and those who rightly seek him gets them. I always laugh when I see people arguing about Churches or Doctrines. Which is the best? Why can’t you work out your own salvation and stop criticism? If I were born a Muslim, I would have died for nine virgins rewards… lol.

Bible Reading:

(1) Romans 10:9-15
(2) Acts 17:24
(3) 1 Corinthians 12:13-20. 

Read Your Bible and be Enlightened. 

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Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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