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How To Schedule Email to Send Later in Gmail for iPhone or Android

Schedule Emails on Gmail for iOS (iPhones) and Android devices to send at a later time. This is a convenient way of reducing forgetfulness.

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Schedule Email to send at another time is a way of pausing the send button of your Gmail box. Sending an email at a specific time has its own benefits. Depending on what you are doing, it can help your email get read or it can put you at the top of someone’s inbox. With the Gmail app for Android and iOS, you can now schedule your messages to maximize the efficiency of your email. Scheduling an email has enormous benefits.

Gmail on iPhone or Android is not just about business. It can serve personal matters too. If you remember someone’s birthday on the night before, you can make sure they receive your good wishes the next day when it counts. You could even schedule an email to yourself to help get out of a bad date. The knowledge that comes with an Email schedule on Gmail gives an edge over those without the knowledge.

Step 1. Compose Your Email.
First, open the Gmail app (Android | iOS). Press the circular button with a plus sign that is in the bottom-right corner. This will take you to the compose screen. Create your email as you usually would, filling in the contact address, subject, and body of the message. As you would do when sending messages. You must first compose an Email before you can schedule the Email.

Schedule Email - Compose Message

Schedule Email - Compose Message 1


Step 2. Schedule Your Email.
Now tap on the three dots in the top-right corner. A popup will appear, and at the top, tap on “Schedule send“. A new popup will appear with four options. You can either send your email tomorrow morning, this afternoon, next week sometime, or you can choose a custom date. The time zone will be specified at the bottom of the popup. If you choose to pick a custom time, you can select the date and time.

Schedule Email - Schedule Email 1

Schedule Email - Schedule Email 2

Schedule Email - Schedule Email 3


Step 3. View and Edit Your Scheduled Emails.
When you’re happy with the scheduled time and date, tap on “Scheduled send“. When you do this, it will send your email at your specified time and date. If you would like to see the Emails you put on the schedule, you can tap on the hamburger button and find “Scheduled” in the side menu. Here, you will find a list of scheduled emails with their scheduled time and date. If you then tap on one of your scheduled emails, you can cancel its deployment. You cannot edit the date from here.

Schedule Email - View And Edit Messages

Schedule Email - View And Edit Messages 2

Schedule Email - View And Edit Messages 3


This is the way for your Emails to send at a specific date and time. Join us on Telegram for more free Information and Tricks.

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