Edit PDF files to have Watermarks, Security locks, Website links, and Social links anywhere and anyhow. Unlock any locked PDF file by contacting us.


PDF tools is all about customizing PDF files to have much information in the document. Customize your lead’s PDF document to bear your name as the author, title of the article, and the niche of your website. You can see this information by right-clicking on the pdf document and checking the document’s properties.

Password protect your PDF document to be opened by your verified purchasers who you must have given the password to access your free or paid file. Alternatively, you can password lock your pdf files to prevent unauthorized copying and modification. Nobody can edit or copy contents from your file afterwards. The password has a security level of 128-bit AES, hard to crack with any software.

PDF tools also add Watermarks as texts in any format, colour, shape to your pdf document. This can be transparent and will not block your main texts. Watermarks can be in Pictures and Image format, or just a simple text.

Hyperlinks, texts, dates, page numbers, important information can be added on top (header) and bottom (footer) of your lead’s PDF file(s). The positioning of this information may be on the left side, centre and right side of the document. And much more!

We unlock PDF files protected with any security feature. If you wish to unlock your locked PDF files in order to make changes to the document, you are at the right place. Just contact us for negotiations.


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