Article Writing And Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism checker will check various documents, webpages, websites, or blogs for plagiarism. Copying contents without permission is a punishable offence, so avoid this mistake and save the stress.


Check your article or documents from stealing people’s original written contents. Google search engines penalize plagiarized contents, so your article must be 75% original contents to rank higher on search engines. You can request for us to check an entire website, documents, and certain pages with our advance plagiarism checker tool. This will check whether they are original or copied from another source. Checking of different documents against one another is possible, just contact us with the form below.

We also write 100% original content articles for your blog, sales page, sales letter, etc. that will compel your subscribers to make purchases from you. Our base is for checking plagiarised contents, but we may extend our copywriting tools on request.


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