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How Spying Applications Record Your Activities On Android

Most Android apps have spying tendencies and collect your data anonymously. The good news is, you can disable some permissions with App Ops an Android application and limit some features with Anti camera app.

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Most Android apps have spying tendencies. These spying applications steal and collect your data anonymously. Before the Facebook scandal, Android shows the access level or permissions of applications you install. This is not only Facebook, but there are also apps with hidden access to your privacy. They get access to your stuff and data after installation. Many Android users fail to read these access rights or permissions before installing these Apps. The good news is, you can disable some permissions with App Ops, an Android application. This might be a great way to continue using these apps without being trailed or your personal data hijacked.

How To Know Spying Applications On Android

Spying Applications

  1. Launch Menu on your Android phone. Find the app and click, hold and drag to App Info. Once you drag an app icon, the App Info will show up. Drag the app to App info.
  2. You can see these permissions right before you install an application. Or go to Settings >> Application manager >> Tap the app you wish to see the permissions or access level.
  3. Scroll down and start checking the permissions you have granted the app. Click/Tap on any permission to see more details on the permission.
  4. An example is “take pictures and videos” permission. This “allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. This permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation.” You see, you have granted the app to monitor your activities without your consent.
  5. Sadly, important Android applications come with this permission. But, you can stop this permission by installing Apps Ops.
  6. There are other permissions that are crazy. Some can access your Calls, message logs, etc. without your notice. This makes spying applications on Android record and stores your activities.
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Anti-Spy Android Applications

This might sound awkward, but the truth is, most Android applications monitor your activities without your knowledge. Many applications have been developed to restrict these permissions.  You can use Camera block Anti Spy Malware to block and notify you when an app wants to use your camera. This makes you aware of apps monitoring your face, or otherwise. D-Vasive app Pro Anti Spy App gives you complete control of your privacy on Android. This app will help protect your privacy from these invasive apps by alerting you if an application is trying to spy on you, using your phone’s Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

D-Vasive app Pro Anti Spy

App Ops will give you the power to disable and deny some or all the permissions your app comes with. This makes it a great way of having these applications and still restricting their access to your private data. We have been talking on keyloggers and spyware on the PC, but it happens on mobile devices. Many of these apps we use to collect our data anonymously without our knowledge. So go ahead and try any of these apps I have talked about and restrict these spying applications on Android.

Aps Ops

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