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Tasker AutoSpeakerphone And Tasker WaveToAnswer

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Tasker profiles let you set up triggers that would initiate certain actions on your device. Autospeakerphone on Tasker automatically puts your call on the loudspeaker if it is not close to your ear, and disables the loudspeaker when your phone comes close to your ear. This only happens when a call is active. The cool thing about this feature is that you can never miss the interaction. Let’s say you wanted to grab something, you can drop your phone and grab the stuff. Your phone will automatically switch to loudspeaker mode and you can still be talking on the phone.

Tasker AutoSpeakerphone

We have to set up one profile with one condition. To set up a condition on Tasker, tap on hold on an existing profile, click the Add (+) button. First, you have to set up a Profile, then later, you set up a condition.

Tasker AutoSpeakerphone
Tasker AutoSpeakerphone
  1. Launch Tasker — On the Profiles Tab — Click on the + icon (To set up a new profile) — State — Sensor — Proximity Sensor — Tick/Checkmark on Invert. Done. Tap Back to set up the Task. [Inverting Proximity Sensor tells the phone to activate when something is far from the sensor.]
  2. (Setting Up Task) A. New Task — Give it any Name (This is Optional) — TaskWait, make it 2MS. [This wait action is to enable you to pick up the phone before activation]. B. Click on the + Icon to set up new task — AudioSpeakerphone, Set = On. Done. [Now, when something is far from the Proximity Sensor, it automatically sets up Speakerphone.]
  3. Tap and hold on the Not Proximity Sensor (the Profile you set up in Step 1) — Add — State — Phone — Call, Type = Incoming. Tap back to exit the setup. Now, the condition is set up. So, anytime you are on Call, and something is far from Proximity Sensor, then, Loudspeaker will be turned on.
  4. Tap and hold the Task (Step 2) Add Exit Task + (icon for a new Task) — Task Wait, 3 MS (3 milliseconds wait) — Back icon — + Audio Speakerphone, Set = Off.
  5. Done. You have set up Tasker AutoSpeakerphone on your device

Tasker WaveToAnswer

Tasker WaveToAnswer is a profile that allows you to answer calls by waving your hands. This is handy if you don’t want to manually swipe and answer your calls. This WaveToAnswer will be constrained to when the phone is charging. This is because setting up a wave motion may pick your calls without your consent. You will set up One Profile with two conditions.

  1. On the PROFILES tab — + State Power Power, Source = Any. Press back to set up a new Task.
  2. New Task Task Wait, 2 MS. Back key.
  3. + Phone Take Call. Back key.
  4. + Task Wait, 2 MS. Back key.
  5. + Audio Speakerphone, Set = On. Done.
  6. Tap and hold on Power Any (Step 1) — Add State Phone Call, Type = Incoming.
  7. Tap and hold on Call Any (Step 6) — Add Sensor Proximity Sensor.
  8. Now you have completed the whole set up. Now, if your device is connected to any power source (USB), AND you receive an incoming call, AND you bring your hand closer to your phone, it takes the call and puts it on the loudspeaker.
  9. This is the way to set up Tasker WaveToAnswer on your Android device.
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