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How I Dumped WhatsApp for Telegram in 2019

When comparing Telegram vs WhatsApp, Telegram comes with advanced and reliable features like Channels, Bots, Secret chats, RSS Feeds, and much more. Telegram is far better than WhatsApp as at Today. WhatsApp has Video calls and Status updates ability which Telegram lack.

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My Telegram vs WhatsApp is an objective view and first-hand experience of the writer. I have used WhatsApp messaging platform since my teenage years. I can’t actually remember the year I met WhatsApp after dumping 2GO social platform. WhatsApp has come a long way. There has been a lot of improvements on WhatsApp. Telegram can be compared to WhatsApp in every way. Although WhatsApp is older than Telegram, Telegram has improved so much and is overshadowing WhatsApp features. Telegram has being awesome! I don’t regret leaving and dumping WhatsApp for Telegram in 2019. I enjoy every bit of Telegram.

Telegram vs WhatsApp in 2020

More people have been signing up on Telegram. In the near future, more people may dump WhatsApp for Telegram as I did in 2019. But you know, we hardly leave the habits we learned while growing up. All the same, it is your choice to make use of whatever social messaging App that suits you. I will highlight a few features I have been enjoying on Telegram.

  1. Telegram has auto-sync. I can continue typing what I was typing on any of my devices so far they have internet access. This means, if I was writing a message on my Phone 1, I can continue on my laptop or Phone 2 even if I dropped the Phone 1 for a few minutes to hours.
  2. WhatsApp has backup to Google Drive. Telegram, on the other hand, is a server-based application. You don’t need to back up your chats and messages. All your chats and messages are available across your devices. There is NO need for backing up to restore later. You access your chats on the go. Awesome! Once I start Telegram on any of my numerous devices (including PCs), my chats appear there.
  3. Telegram as a server-based application saves you an enormous amount of space on your device. On WhatsApp, you have to manually backup chats and it costs enormous amounts of data.
  4. Can any person compare Telegram vs WhatsApp? Yes! They are the two most popular chatting platforms.
  5. Telegram has amazing Channels. This is far superior to what you obtain on the meagre WhatsApp group. Telegram Channels are a whole level of interaction. Groups are far more advanced than WhatsApp groups.
  6. Then, there are Telegram Bots. Wow! Telegram bots are Artificial Intelligence in the making. The good thing is that anyone can have his/her own customized bots for so many and unlimited actions and activities.

Benefits Of Using Telegram

  1. With Telegram bots, I get RSS feeds from different websites. This means that I can read many websites’ information on my Telegram without opening any website loading app. Did I mention that I can get so many feeds from Reddit? Like top news or trending topics on Reddit on my Telegram Bot? This is superb! I love Telegram. No shaking.
  2. Telegram Bots saves me data and time. I use Wikipedia Bot to find Wikipedia information without exiting the App. Come on! I use Bots to read most of the website updates and only visit the website when I have to make comments.
  3. In his article of Telegram vs WhatsApp, WhatsApp was caught selling people’s data without consent. Telegram is a very secure chatting App.
  4. With the power of INSTANT VIEW on Telegram, I can preview web articles and websites on my Telegram App.
  5. You can download and preview YouTube videos on Telegram. There is so much more you can do inside this App.
  6. So many channels to choose contents from. Telegram is very interactive.
  7. With secret chats, I can chat securely with anyone anywhere. Nobody can snoop into the chat, even government officials.
  8. Telegram has COVID-19 verified channels for different countries. They have contributed to fighting this pandemic worldwide.

What I Gained From Telegram

  • A Telegram Channel that shows me UDEMY coupon. I have used this to sign up for premium courses FREE!
  • I saved money from subscribing to paid RSS App subscription feeds. And saved data from some Ad networks.
  • I once made money from Telegram HYIP schemes. People actually make money on Telegram using Adverts and creating Bots for individuals.
  • I don’t regret dumping WhatsApp for Telegram even in 2020. Until then, download Telegram and subscribe to my channel.
  • Thanks to Durov for making an interactive app. Telegram is far better than WhatsApp in every way. I hope Telegram continues to improve and don’t go nuts in future.
  • Fully secured, unlike WhatsApp security compromises.
  • I am @bazemaster…

What I Missed on Telegram

WhatsApp is okay. It offers some features that are not yet available on Telegram as at this moment. But, I still prefer Telegram to WhatsApp.

  • Status Updates. This cool feature enables anyone to share feelings, businesses, ideas, and lots more to his/her contacts on WhatsApp for 24 hours. This is cool for promotions and killing boredom. Telegram doesn’t come with Status updates or the ability to share things publicly with your contacts. Telegram has a feature that enables you to find nearby contacts for meetups and hookups.
  • Video calls are available on WhatsApp up to eight (8) contacts joining the conversation. Telegram lacks this feature.
  • I love the status updates on WhatsApp, but I replaced that with some Channels that offer me paid advertisements across groups and channels.
  • Tell me what you have for Telegram vs WhatsApp review in the comment below.
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