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The Deceptions Of Our Emotions

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” — Oscar Wilde

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Our emotions sometimes lie to us by making us feel worse than the real situations we are facing. Interestingly, we were with our emotions all the time and they spring from nowhere to either harm or praise us. Many things we believe in, which may or may not be true are centred on the emotional advantage. Let us look at this simple story.

A man had great plans for a business venture and he had imagined how successful this business would be. With this great business plan of his, he set to work in real life and boom! The business is great and going good. Out of nowhere, this business starts to crumble. Before he knew it, the business collapsed. What a loss!

His emotions prickled him, cursed him, blamed him, always complained of how terrible he has been throughout his life. This man became depressed and troubled emotionally, What a lost soul. Then, he went back to try again.

Magically, this business was brought back to life after he tried many options to revive his business. He bounced back, became very rich and was honoured by different organizations.

Interestingly, his emotions praised him, congratulated him, adored him, and reminisced him. He became happier and more willing to try other business ventures. End of my story.

The same emotions that led him to depression are the same that lauds him. What a confusing network this is. Our emotions deceive us; we blame ourselves for the same thing we do. Many of these things were awesome, enjoyed and adored by our minds before the backlash. Just that, it didn’t work out as our minds had perfected it. Then, why the criticism? Isn’t our emotions lie to us? Why depression? Are we not overrating our emotions? Emotions lie to us, don’t believe what they tell you, however, don’t deny them either.

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Accepting the mistakes we do every day without prejudice or expectation is one of the healthy ways to a good life. Everybody makes mistakes in life. That is why no matter how holy, anointed, careful we do things in this life, there is always a regret somewhere. Nobody likes to be poor, to suffer, etc. but many ends up there, no matter how hard they try; this is life. But for our emotions to lie to us and attack us, come on! We can do better by exercising positive energies within us.

Denying negative feelings will give them power over us. Feel the negative energy, ask reasons why you feel such negativity, then find ways of solving what brings such feelings. Anger is a negative feeling which may arise by remembering one’s failures. Yet, we can decide to transfer this anger aggressively to another person or an inanimate object which has no cause to the problem. But a simple meditation will reveal the root cause of this anger with a solution. Another emotional character is on how we play the relationship love. The weak becomes the strongest, and the strong appears to be the weakest.

In this light, it is important to probe our negative emotions by acceptance and by smartly chasing them away with other feelings like laughter. Yes! You can change your feelings by choice; flee or the fight will not work here. You know why? It is because you can neither run away from yourself nor fight yourself. I have seen a young lady who was emotionally depressed and a simple joke and laughter changed the whole scenario. From crying to laughing excitedly, This is amazing! Therefore, this calls for us to always examine our negative emotions and turn them to something positive.

Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it while it lasts. The clock continues to tick, one day we will close our eyes and nothing (nothing!) will matter anymore.

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