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View Saved Login and Passwords In Google Chrome on Android

Google Chrome for Android shows saved sites, Username and Passwords. This is useful if you want to check your login details, which contains your passwords.

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Google Chrome on Android shows saved sites, Username and Passwords. This is useful if you want to check your login details, which has your passwords. The passwords are visible if you have a screen-lock security feature on your device. This is to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing their passwords. Also, the saved passwords feature must be turned on and the Google Chrome browser must have kept records of your details. Lastly, you must log in with your Gmail account in your Chrome browser for this to work.

Viewing your login details, including the site very simple, and fast. Google Chrome saves your passwords on the cloud making syncing possible across devices. With this browser, you don’t have to worry about password saving applications, which comes pricey.

Steps In Viewing Login Sites, Username and Password on Google Chrome For Android

  • Step 1:  Launch the Chrome browser and then tap on the 3-dot buttons menu at the top right corner. Click on “Settings”.
  • Step 2:  Tap on the “Save passwords” option. (This option must show on for it to work). Here you will see all your accounts, username, and passwords. Google chrome links all these information for easier access.
  • Step 3: Tap on the website you want to see its password. Google hides passwords to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Step 4: To see your password, tap on the eye button and then authenticate with your screen-lock password. Tap on the copy icon to copy the password to your clipboard. However, you will have to authenticate it in both cases.

Learning this makes you forget about password managers. This feature is very good. If you combine it with the Evernote App, you’ll not be spending money on cloud savers. Google Chrome is free and it may not be the fastest browser.

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