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Why the ExpressVPN | HP Partnership Should Excite You Too

ExpressVPN and HP confirmed partnership that offer their users excellent data privacy and excellent security services. This ensures complete privacy for HP users.

It is not every day we get excited by the news of two companies coming together to offer value-added services to their consumers, but that is the current case with ExpressVPN and HP. Seeing as both companies have confirmed the partnership in an official capacity, it is surely worth celebrating.

By consumers who care about their data privacy and security anyways.

Details of the Partnership

HP is almost a household name when it comes to consumer electronics regarding computers and its peripheral devices. The company has been an authority in the laptop and desktop computer market for some time now, and they are going nowhere too.

Enter ExpressVPN

For those who do not know them yet, they are the leading provider of consumer-grade VPN services in the market. This puts them in the prime position to secure such a partnership with one of the most revered names in the computer industry too.

That said, computers today come with a lot of bloatware that the OEM just installs for the sake of it. The partnership between ExpressVPN and HP will be none of that, seeing as both companies worked extensively on the first product to bear the double branding on it – the HP Spectre x360 13.

For users, ExpressVPN will make the full breadth of its Windows software service available over the course of the first 30 days. In that time, you get to enjoy one of the strongest protections against cyber threats and leverage all the goodies that ExpressVPN packs with it.

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After the expiration of the trial phase, interested users can commit to a monthly or yearlong plan with the VPN service provider.

That said…

Why should you care?

This is a valid question.

Again, we remind you that computers now come with more bloatware than we care to have. What’s to say ExpressVPN is not just another glorified one? The answer to that question lies in all the security and protection that you get from using the services that the software brings to the market. This partnership of two excellent companies – ExpressVPN and HP – will give you several benefits listed below.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Encrypting your connection – The biggest benefit you get from having this software on your laptop is encrypting all your internet connections and communications. This is especially important in a time like this when the average user connects to public Wi-Fi networks so frequently, forgetting how unsafe these networks can be. With a VPN on hand, you are saved from incidences of man-in-the-middle attacks, rogue Wi-Fi network attacks, and more.
  • Staying anon and privateHackers depend on your IP address to track your internet activity. Since your computer will most likely always give off a unique IP address, that makes it easy to identify you on the servers and follow your digital trail. VPNs solve that expertly by assigning you a different IP address whenever you connect. With multiple addresses to your name, it becomes impossible for a hacker to know which one is you, thwarting their attempts at tracking you at all.
  • Bypassing censorship and geoblocks – Content creators (think Youtubers, Netflix, Twitter users, etc.) will sometimes set their content to be shown to those in certain regions of the world alone. The same is true for broadcasting networks (NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.). Sometimes, your workplace, school, country, church or any other establishment could censor you from accessing certain websites and platforms on the website.
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These are known as geo-blocking and censorship attempts, respectively.

You can get around all of that by connecting to a different server location where these services are supported. Considering that ExpressVPN ships with 3000+ servers in more than 100 cities of the world, that is no problem.

Wrap Up

It needs no telling that these two companies have a long way to go in ridding the world of consumer-level threats. With HP leading this charge, many more OEMs are sure to join the wagon soon. This is good news for the ExpressVPN and HP partnership.

Looking forward to a future of better internet privacy and security, we cannot say we are not impressed.

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