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Xender File Transfer And Share With Computer PC

Xender can transfer and share any type of files without mobile data. Transfer files from one device to other range of devices with Wifi speed.

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After a successful windows upgrade, some drivers went missing. My PC requested for an installation of Samsung drivers to recognize my phone through the USB connection. This will take some time and it requires a data connection for a hefty download. Suddenly, my mind went back to an application on my phone – Xender! And it worked.


Xender is a mobile application available on Android, IOS and other mobile based OS. It functions as a file transfer and share protocol. You can share any type of file, and folder between two connected devices. It operates on Wi-Fi transfer offering a whopping speed up to 40mb/s. And it is absolutely free of charge. Great!

Using the Xender application gives the power to share files between a PC and a mobile device. No installation of a software driver is required. It is very fast and faster than the USB connection. You can transfer unlimited files across platforms with a simple connection. You can download Xender for all devices here.

Steps in Using Xender Mobile and A PC

Step 1

Create a Mobile hotspot on your phone. Then connect your PC through WiFi of the created hotspot. Remember you don’t need an internet connection for it to work.

Xender 1


Step 2

Launch Xender on your phone and complete the necessary setup. If your mobile hotspot disconnects, reconnect the WiFi hotspot and connect your PC.

Step 3

Hit the menu (or profile pic) on Xender App interface and select connect to PC. Complete necessary settings.

Xender 2


Step 4

Open your browser on PC and type in the web address as it displays on the Xender App. Accept the setup on your mobile phone to complete the request.

Xender 3

You will see the file manager on your PC Browser window.

Xender 4

Xender 3.5

Step 5

Navigate by clicking an icon on the left pane. You will see your files. Here, you can either upload files from your PC to Phone or Download any files from your phone right to your PC. It is amazing to know that you can download an entire folder from your phone to your PC. Also, select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each file/folders you wish to download to the PC.

Xender 5



1. You cannot upload a folder to your phone. You only download folders from your phone to your PC. To upload a folder, you must archive it (put it in .zip or .rar format). Then, unzip with a file manager on your mobile device.
2. Folders are downloaded as zip files to PC.

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